Absolutely Nothing

The difficulty with blogging, or so it appears to me, is that one should ideally have something worth blogging about – that is to say one should have something worth saying. I do not.

So why do this at all? It’s not as if I really want to share the few opinions that I do have, I’ve never been a self-promoter in that crude, vulgar way. Nor is it that blogging is a particularly useful way to spend my  day because the amount of time I have spent writing this could have been much more profitably used searching for employment – a commodity in which I am currently quite deficient. The only half-sensible explanation that occurs to me is that I want to contribute.

But contribute what, and to whom? Not to the treasure-horde of information which we call the internet, jealously guarded by the great dragon Google, but to the world itself. Not in the vague metaphysical sense reserved for the overly philosophical, but in the sense of the world of common experience and shared life. My contribution is to be one of pure subjectivity to a world which I might well have imagined.

 I want to say absolutely nothing to absolutely nobody.


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